Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) Europe is the regional flagship event of OSGeo - an open, grassroots and dynamic community. We are looking for novel and original submissions on development, use, and advocacy for FOSS4G over a wider array of topics ranging from state-of-software to specific use cases, from building and sustainable a community to building a business around FOSS4G technology, from software technical details to democratic processes and policy making.
Whether you are a seasoned FOSS4Ger or it would be your first time presenting, we are very happy to welcome your submission - the conference series and the whole FOSS4G community flourishes on the shared experiences and knowledge of its presenters.
As this is a regional OSGeo event we are more concentrated on themes related to European topics, activities, and possibilities. But as we live in an interconnected World the themes will not be limited to Europe only.

Please keep in mind this is a Free and Open Source Software conference. Submissions promoting restricted license / closed source software will not be accepted.